Walking tours

Paris a la carte offers walking tours:


You will discover Paris' oldest and most dazzling neighborhood.
First developed during  the 12th century, the Marais, which means «swamp» and once was one, went from being a royal favorite under Henri IV and Louis XII. Discover such places as Place des Vosges, Hotel Sully, rue des Francs Bourgeois


A walk to discover quintessential Paris : Toulouse Lautrec and French can-can dancers Cafe des Deux Moulins (from the movie Amelie) Paris's last surviving windmill, Montmartre Vineyard: Paris' last authentic vineyard, Picasso's studio, Van Gogh's House, The incredible legend of Paris' first bishop, headless Saint Denis, Renoir's world-famous painting, Bal au Moulin de la Galette, Basilica Sacre Coeur (a beautiful church with the highest view of Paris).

Montparnasse, the Golden 20TH

The history of Paris, old legends, and characters "full of color" who have haunted Paris in olden or more recent times will come alive. Following in the footsteps of Hemingway, Gertrude Stein, Picasso, Man Ray, Chagall, Gauguin, Modigliani, be guided to the homes, cafés, studios, parks, places they associated with and immortalized in their "chef-d'œuvres". "Smell the roses" in the Luxembourg gardens and, who knows, you may just come across Hemingway walking up to see Gertrude Stein. Discover new worlds and atmospheres as you slip discreetly into those mysterious, hidden, romantic courtyards that Paris preserves so carefully. Discover silent streets, to the right and left of the Boulevard Montparnasse. We will take you to the homes and studios of Hemingway, Ezra Pound, Foujita, Man Ray, Gauguin, Modigliani, Soutine ... The cafés of Montparnasse (La Coupole, La Closerie de Lilas, Le Café du Dôme, La Rotonde) were centers and meeting places, second homes for all these extraordinary artists.

Left bank

The Saint Germain district has money, elegance, and sophistication yet it’s down to earth. This was home to artists, art schools, artists’ cafés, galleries and at least 40 licensed bordellos before 1945. Every square inch in this district is dense with famous events, artists and creations. Henry Miller...
The cafés are an institution here. The writers Simone de Beauvoir and Jean Paul Sartre spent most of 1930-40 " Le Café des Deux Magots is neutral ground between opposing camps (the Right and Left Banks of Paris), a favorite of American artists for decades and a place for surrealists’ meetings in the late 20th century. History unfolds as you walk past the church of Saint Germain des Pres, rue Jacob, where the peace treaty between England and the United States was signed in 1783, the School of Beaux Arts, built on the former estate of Queen Margot, Le Procope, the oldest restaurant in Paris, 300 years of history and events, the romantic Cour de Rohan opened in 1776 and where Dr Guillotin first tried out the guillotine.

Off The Beatten track

No matter how often you visit Paris, there's always some hidden gem to discover. In the early 1800s, beautiful glass-covered passages were built to protect wealthy shoppers from the rain. There were once over 100 passages couverts throughout the city, now only about 23 still exist. Some still protect passages with very high-end stores, others with just regular shops.
Stroll in the covered passages of Paris, elegant galleries of the Palais Royal garden, charming galleries Vero-Dodat, Colbert, Vivienne, , discover a perfume shop , a doll shop , antiques or the restaurant where it is said Bonaparte proposed to Joséphine and many more…Explore these unique arcades.